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Calving is loaded with challenges and the costs associated can be crippling and helping a cow overcome them is crucial to ensure an ideal start to her lactation.

At calving, cows face 3 key nutritional challenges that impair their calcium, immune and energy status which in turn have a negative effect on early lactation health, milk production and fertility.

Cow Start is uniquely formulated to address these challenges.

Contact your local Semex genetic consultant

Sandy Mitchell, Kennetsideheads Farm, Kelso, Scotland

“Our experience with Cow Start in the herd has been very encouraging, I definitely feel that our cows aren’t having as many issues in the first days after calving and start to increase milk production sooner as a result. In our herd we’ve seen fewer milk fever cases, an 80% reduction in cases of uterine infections in our cows and an increase in milk production of at least 1.5 litres per day across the whole lactation. Cow Start supplementation is now part of our fresh cow routine and every cow gets 2 boluses (1 dose) on the day of calving”.

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