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Other Available Sires

Please click on the bull you wish to see the details of and you will be redirected to their page with full details

- Willsbro ABBOTT, Proven

- Cherryhill ACTIONMAN, Genomic

- Boldi V ARMOUR, Proven

- Toc-Farm ASHTON, Genomic

- Progenesis BANKSY, Genomic

- Claynook BAROLO, Proven

- Winstar GRAZIANO, Genomic 

- Winstar GREYCUP, Genomic

- Westcoast GUARANTEE, Proven

- Midas-Touch JAKERS, Genomic

- OCD LEMIEUX, Genomic

- Jimtown NASHVILLE, Genomic

- Progenesis NIKON, Genomic

- Amighetti NUMERO UNO, Proven

- Westcoast PERSEUS, Proven

- Progenesis RAPTORS, Genomic

- McIntosh Calmac SIDEROAD, Proven

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